Shiva & Durga (at Kupferberg Center for the Arts)

Hema Malini as Durga (at Kupferberg Center for the Arts)

Stellar trifecta: Heller, Glaser & Resnick. #graphicadvocacy (at The ADC)

Visualizing the Arab Spring. #graphicadvocacy (at The ADC)

@adcglobal = Baller status
👌💯💯💯 (at The ADC)

at The ADC

#graphicadvocacy (at The ADC)

Excited to see graphic design mavericks Milton Glaser & Steven Heller @adcglobal #graphicadvocacy (at The ADC)




Awkward Bollywood - Fashion

#That awkward moment when you wake up next to a black dude, and you realise shit just got real. This is the rock-bottom and it can’t get worse than this.

And you as an audience, realise that this is what “critically acclaimed” Madhur Bhandarkar is all about - stereotypical racist awkwardness. 

Bollywood racism. Oh noes a black man!! Even though the character has been abusing drugs and such before, no, nothing is as bad as sleeping with a black man, apparently. Do these people not watch their own movies??

The real rock bottom would be waking up next to a racist bollywood director.

(via fuckyeahsouthasia)

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